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SeaTac Packaging

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SeaTac Packaging is an independently owned and professionally operated manufacturing company located in the Greater Seattle area. Founded in 1994, SeaTac Packaging designs, manufactures, and delivers a wide variety of multiwall, PaperWoven™, and flexible packaging. Made in Washington, from our roots serving the seafood industry, SeaTac Packaging has organically grown to be a valued partner for small businesses to Fortune 500 companies by focusing on quality and service at a competitive price. Scroll down to learn more!

Pasted Open Mouth Bags


Pinch Bottom Open Mouth Bags


Sewn Open Mouth Bags

Multiwall / PaperWoven™ / Woven 
SOM Bags

Woven PolyproPylene Bags


Woven PolyEthylene Bags

WPE Bags

Roll Stock

Flexible Plastic Packaging 
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What Makes us Different

SeaTac Packaging bags are proudly Made in America and our facilities are Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) / FDA compliant, audited to Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) IFS PACsecure higher level standard. From full-service custom graphic design to printing on the widest web, longest repeat, sustainable water-based press in the Western United States, to a converted packaging solution, SeaTac Packaging is the only vertically integrated, MBE certified (channel Supplier Diversity spend goals), USA polyethylene woven manufacturer. Because of our commitment to sustainability and investing in the future, customers can expect industry leading lead times, superior quality control, and a focus on excellent service.

Local Touch with Global Reach

With roots in the Pacific Northwest, and the backing of a global network, we can support you worldwide. We are customer focused manufacturer.

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